Mineral Resources and Igneous Processes

Gold, silver, copper, mercury, lead, platinum and nickel are produced by igneous process. Bushveld complex in south agrica contains over 70 percent of the world's known reserves of platinum. Magnetic segregation is also important in the late stages of magmatic process. Crystallization in a fluid-rich environment, where ion migration is enhanced results in the formation of cryistal several centimeters or even a few meters in lengh the resulting rock are galled pegmatites. most of them are granitic in copostition and consist of unusually large crystals of quarts , feldspar and muscovite.
Mineral containing the elements lithium, cesium uranium and the rare earths are ocasionally found. At kiruna, sweden magma composed of over 60 percent magnetite solidified to proudce one of the largest iron deposits in the world.

DIamonds- it is another mineral with an igneous origin. THey originate at depths of nearly 200 km where the confining pressure is great enouth to generate this high pressure form of carbon. Hydrothermal solutions- besto known as deposites are those generated from hydrothermal solutions. example the gold deposits of the homestake mine is south dakota, the lead , zing and silver ores near coesu d'alene, idaho. the silver deposits of the comstock lode in nevada, and the co[[er ores of thekeweenaw peninsula in michigan.

MIneral resources and metamorphic processes

the role of metamprphism in producing mineral deposits are frequently tied to igneous processes, some resistant materials such as quartz sandstone may show very little alteration whereas other ingluding limestone migh exhibit the effects of metamorphism for several km from the igneous pluton. Regional metamorphismcan also generate useful mineral deposits.

Weathering and ore deposits

Weathering creates many important mineral deposits by concetrating minor amounts of metal that are scattered thorough unweathered rock into economically valuable concentrations. such a transformation is often termend secondary enrichment and takes place in one of two ways.