Continental Dirft an Idea Before its Time

Pangaea means (pan = all, gaea = earth) that means all the continents are together. Alfred Wegner was a meterorologist and geophysicist, who published the origin of continents and oceans, he published a radical hypothesis of continental drift. Wegner suspected that the continents micght once have been joined when he noticed the remarkable similarity between the coastlines on opposite sides of the atlantic ocean. Some fossil evidence confirm that it might had happend that the continents were all together. South america and africa both fit like some pieces of a puzzle/ That is other fact which support the thesis.

The rock type and structural similarities had work because if the continents were once together, the rocks found in a particular region on one continent should closely match in age and type those found in adjacent positions on the adjoining continent.

Paleoclimatic evidence, that means (paleo = ancient, climatic = climate) other data which supports continental drift.
The breakup of pangea wegner used evidence from fossils, rock types, and ancient climates to create a jigsaw- puzzle of pangaea was the creation of a new ocean basin; atlantic ocean.

external image Pangea.png