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The entire fault is about 810 kilometers (500 miles) long, about the size of the California portion of the San Andreas fault, which runs from the California-Mexico border north to the San Francisco Bay.
66 degrees south latitude and 195 degrees west longitude, covers an area approximately 300 by 203 kilometers(185 by 125 miles). The pictures were taken on September 26, 1998.

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Reno Hill Anticline is a mountain cliff in Johnson County in the state of Wyoming (WY). Reno Hill Anticline climbs to 4,865 feet (1,482.85 meters) above sea level. Reno Hill Anticline is located at latitude - longitude coordinates (also called lat - long coordinates or GPS coordinates) of N 43.843032 and W -106.472537.

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Moomaw Glacier is a Glacier in Boulder County, Colorado. It has an elevation of 3,714 meters, or 12,185 feet.
Degrees Minutes Seconds: Latitude: 40-12'43'' N Longitude: 105-40'10'' W
Decimal Degrees: Latitude: 40.2119296 Longitude: -105.6694496

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The latitude of Grand Canyon is 36.054N. The longitude is -112.138W.

I t is in the Mountain Standard time zone. Elevation is 6,886 feet
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nelson lagoon 56° 0' 27" N / 161° 10' 3" W
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Florida Laguna Beach is located at 30°14′58″N 85°56′22″W / 30.24944°N 85.93944°W / 30.24944; -85.93944 (30.249553, -85.939552).[3]

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volcano okmok in alaska
latitude DD 53.397 N / longitude DD -168.166 E
latitude DMS 53°23'49" N / longitude DMS 168°9'58" W

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Brasov fault block mountain in romania latitude 45°38'N longitud 25°35'E
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Jordan river in israel Latitude: 31° 45' 48 N, Longitude: 35° 33' 27 E

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Lesser Antilles in the western Atlantic Ocean 14.82 North latitude, 61.17 West longitude (volcanic Island arc)

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Latitude : 18.076688. Longitude : -65.838237 Lake Alablab is in Suguta.

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Ahaggar Mountains of central Sahara, southern Algeria Latitude: 36.8222. x Longitude: 7.8092

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buttes- Latitude: 34.8599. Longitude: -111.7892. buttes in sedona arizona

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back swamp- Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta Latitude 38.067975 and Longitude -121.8427354

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fjords- Bay of Kotor, Montenegro at Latitude 42.5008330, Longitude 18.4775000

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salt flats- Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia 20°30'S, 67°45'W. San Lucas, 20°5'S, 65°7'W

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Latitude: N 37 13' 57.34129" Longitude: W 118 17 37.08083" [normal fault]

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Colorado Plateau, 37°00N, 111°00'W [monocline]

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Mississippi floodplain river Latitude: 37.732136. Longitude: - 88.934624

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Chatham Island is in the Pacific Ocean, almost 850 kms East of mainland New Zealand. The latitude is 44 degrees South and the longitude is 176 degrees West[barrier island]

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Mount Edziza. Latitude: 57.72 N. Longitude: 130.63 W [shield volcano]

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The Blake Plateau on the southeast coast of the United States 31° N latitude, 80° W longitude

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the japan sea 40° 00° N latitude and 135° 00° E longitude

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Palau-Kyushu Ridge [spreading center ridge] Latitude. 5°00.60'N. 12°01.00'N. Longitude. 138°49.81'E

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[sand dunes] Latitude: 37.65. Longitude: -105.7. Colorado